What Makes Discover Family
Chiropractic Unique?

Discover Family Chiropractic is a unique family focused environment where
questions and concerns are always welcome.  Toys and books are
available for our pediatric patients.  Safety precautions have been installed
to child-proof the environment.  The chiropractic treatment tables have
flexible abdominal segments which allow expectant moms to lie comfortably
on their bellies while receiving treatment.  We are a small, private practice.  
All patients are treated as individuals with treatment plans customized to
personal needs.

A lending library is available with topics including: natural family planning
and fertility awareness; childbirth preparation; vaccinations; nutrition and
more.  A variety of products are available for purchase, including:  baby
slings to enhance the posture of mother and child; therapeutic balls to
promote optimal fetal positioning and core muscle strength; custom fit
orthotics; lumbar supports; pillows; etc.

Most private insurance plans are accepted.  Furthermore, Dr. Murphy is a
preferred provider for Blue Cross/Blue Shield, WPS, Aetna, Medicare,
BadgerCare, and the Alliance networks.  Dr. McGriff is a preferred provider
for United Health Care, HealthEOS, Multiplan, Coventry Health, WEA Trust,
Optum Health, WPS, Aetna, Medicare, BadgerCare, and the Alliance
networks.  Flexible, affordable cash payment options are available, as are
family payment plans.  Visa and MasterCard are also accepted at Discover
Family Chiropractic.
About Discover Family Chiropractic